10 facts about the EFL Championship

EFL Championship is the highest division of the English Football League (EFL) and the second-highest in England – just behind the Premier League. Here are 10 amazing facts about EFL Championship.

1. Founded Information

It was founded in 1892 and has 24 teams in total, out of which 22 are from England and 2 from Wales.

2. Inaugural Season Record

In its inaugural season, EFL surpassed Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1 in the total attendance of the season. It was the 4th highest football attendance in Europe only behind Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga.

3. Uniqueness of EFL

This league is unique and isn’t like the top 5 leagues where the winner is always amongst the few teams like La Liga where Real Madrid and FC Barcelona dominate or maybe if lucky Atletico Madrid gets a chance too. EFL is unique because here you cannot predict who will be the winner. The team who finished 17th last year can win the championship next year, this is one of the reasons it is a fan favourite league despite being a second-tier league.

4. Not a 38-Match Traditional League

The games of the EFL are much more hectic and require more physical strength than other leagues like EPL. The reason is in EPL there are a total of 38 matches while in EFL each team play 46 matches.

5. The Real Face of English Football

Though EPL has changed over the years because of the addition of coaches from different regions and the actual behaviour of English football cannot be seen, well it's not a big problem because EFL has got you covered. Because the EFL is still filled with English coaches who show us the traditional yelling, barking and fighting with each other, again one of the reasons why EFL is so strong and valued.

6. Better Economic Choice

The championship is better for money too because its seasonal tickets cost you less than those of Premier League clubs.

7. Most EFL Wins

Manchester City and Leicester City have won the EFL Championship the most times. They both have won the title 7 times.

8. Previous Names

EFL Championship was previously called the Football league second division from 1892-1992 and the Football league first division from 1992-2004.

9. Biggest Stadium of EFL

The biggest stadium in EFL is the home of Middlesbrough – The Riverside Stadium. This stadium has the capacity to hold 33,746 fans.

10. Top Scorer of EFL

The top scorer in the history of EFL was George Camsell. He scored staggering 59 goals in just 37 games in the 1926/27 season.

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